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Find Your Life Purpose & Self Trust

Aligning With Your Higher Self From Basic To BADASS In 4 Hours (Plus Bonuses)

How To Find Your Life Purpose & How To Trust Yourself Again

Aligning With Your Higher Self Connection
A Blueprint for BADASS Personal Development!

This Life Purpose & Self Trust course was developed to assist you to locate and reintegrate the essential part of you called by many names; The Higher Self, The True Self, The Soul, The Life Force or The "I AM" which according to some theories means that your Higher Self is God.

Whatever you choose to call it, we begin the search by exploring how to find your Higher Self NOW, your Higher Self Lower Self Connection, what is Higher Self communication really, how we lost Higher Self contact, how to start the process of Higher Self healing and some Higher Self guidance to align yourself with the universe and get on track to creating the life you truly desire!

4 Part Course Overview





Lesson #1: The 2 Big Questions Of Life

Lesson #2: How We Created Our SELF

Lesson #3: How To Trust What You're Given

Lesson #4: Where The False Self Came From & How To Bounce Back

Lesson #5: How We Developed Our Sense Of Self

Lesson #6: How & Why We Make Decisions

Lesson #7: The Higher Self

Lesson #8: What Is My Calling? How To Know & Trust Your Self

What Is Your Higher Self?

It is difficult to understand how to connect with your Higher Self in a sea of personal development information on soul alignment healing and conflicting ideas on Higher Self definition and meaning in general. To begin our course we answer the question “What is my Higher Self?”, discuss Higher Self vs ego and what happens when the Higher Self is protected so completely that a hologram called The False Self is projected into the world in its place.

This hologram is masquerading as a FALSE Higher Self experience and has become Who You Believe You Are.

However, it is a FALSE Higher Self Consciousness and not a true Higher Self activation.

There comes a time when disconnection between The Higher Self and Lower Self becomes too much and confusion results. Then, that Higher Self voice rises from the depths to ask Who Am I? The asker IS YOU prompting an emotional rescue mission; the part that knows what your potential was before you began living as The False Self. It knows, your greatest treasure; The Higher Self, lies buried beneath the hologram. By learning to love yourself and others unconditionally, you coax your Higher Self to the surface. This will require work and several visits to places you probably never planned on visiting again but it will be worth it.

What People Are Saying

This is what other students and clients have to say.

“I have seen a lot of practitioners and David and Heather are the real deal."

“The way they work in partnership is quite an extraordinary experience.

They are also quite funny, which I believe is a sign of enlightenment.

I highly recommend them."

Robert Richman
- Author of the Culture Blueprint | Culture Architect & Creator Of The X-Pill

"Heather and David are nothing short of miraculous."

"This is the perfect way to feed my soul, and touch base with all that is important.

I appreciate their insight as well as humor.

I can feel every shift in my body as they carefully and respectfully guide me towards balance and a restored spirit.

The wisdom they share lasts long after the session ends.

I am always grateful to these soul doctors :)"

Anna Vance
- Owner @ ANNA VANCE
“I have been a client of Heather and David’s for over 5 years."

“Each experience with them is vital to me at that moment.

They are able to dig deep into any blocks and help find the chosen path.

Each time I leave their helping hands, I feel alive, charged, and focused!"

Holly Caudle-McMullin
- Life Coach & X-Pill Instrumentor

Welcome To Your Easy Button For Finding Life Purpose & Self Trust!

We've created this course to take your Life Purpose & Self Trust from Basic to Badass in 4 Hours!

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Welcome To Your Easy Button For Finding Life Purpose & Self Trust!

It's time for you to Stop Doubting & Start LIVING Your TRUTH!

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P1 Lessons 01 - 02: The Big Questions & How We Created Our Self

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P2 Lessons 03 - 04: Work With What You've Got & Become A Resilient Adult

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P3 Lessons 05 - 06: Self Talk, Core Values & How To Trust Yourself Again

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P4 Lessons 07 - 08: The Higher Self, The Resurrection & How To Find Your Life Purpose

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